I thought Mark Zuckerberg testimony would be a joke, considering many of the lawmakers grilling him have received one form of campaign donations from Facebook, but some of them refused to be pedaled.
Personally, I feel that it only take an expert to find a pattern in his statements, a lawmaker asked him if he is willing to change his business model to protect customer’s privacy and he couldn’t answer that, in essence, Facebook business model is based on targeted ads, it’s algorithms makes it possible to uniquely targets some set of people sharing similar characteristics, and it’s obvious, based on his testimony, Facebook users are the products, the algorithms defines the market space.

He also admitted that Facebook which is located in Silicon Valley, which is left-leaning pose a problem to the platform, Facebook and other tech platforms have engaged in censoring conservatives, the censoring of diamond and silk spark outrage from many lawmakers including Ted Cruz, who called out Facebook bias when it comes to conservatives.

Quite a lot of us don’t feel concerned, for most of us, a platform that enables us to connect with loved ones is awesome and we don’t care what those platforms do with our information. The scandal hasn’t been fully understood by many, recently, I talked to a social media user about this and to my surprise, she wasn’t bothered, but when I raised the issue about Facebook having your conversation – including calls, through the messenger app, she was furious.

When next you on Facebook, remember you’re the product.

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