The world’s politics is under scrutiny, with key players moving pieces in different directions, the actions of a player offset series of events in another, there is the Russian meddling, annexation of Crimea, issues of sanctions from EU and the U.S, the list seems endless but in all of this haystack, I decided to direct my attention to Poland. 

A country born in the East has over the years shift its relationship to the West, rich in cultures and traditions, if you want to have a better understanding of the saying ‘blood isn’t what makes one family’ you need to take a trip to Poland, Trump’s recent visit to Poland might have offsets series of events in the country, in his speech, He praises the President Andrezej Duda style of governance and his fulfillment towards NATO’s budget which states that 2% of each NATO’s members budget should go to defense spending, Poland seems to be redefining the word ‘democracy’ with the controversial bill soon to be pass into law, there is the question about the independence of the judiciary, the current bill if passed will give the House the power to appoint Supreme Court judges, this bill has sparked off protest across Poland but that hasn’t stopped the momentum.
The EU has condemned the bill and made its position known that such bill trade the independence of the Judiciary, could Trump visit might have impacted the passage or Poland needs a crash course on 21st-Century Democracy.

In the coming weeks, I discuss President Durterte’s policy, Russia annexation of Crimea, sanctions from EU and the U.S on Russia, Asia markets, expectations on Wall Street, Trumps tax and infrastructure plans, The Trump’s Afghanistan, Isis – a country not forgotten, The shining new guy in the White House – Anthony Scaramucci and many more, well I guess my pen has to bleed.. 😂

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