‘am leaving for Soweto, if I don’t leave now, am afraid what’s gonna be left is the carcass of Caracas’

A once giant economy in Latin America turns to the garbage for spoils and scraps. Venezuela is being hit with the worst form of Political, economic and educational breakdown. Venezuelans now turn to the waste bin in search of foods, some had to cross the border into Columbia to get staples, and other basic supplies.

The referendum held on Sunday gave Maduro sweeping new powers, despite condemnation from the U.S. Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, and Spain, the U.S. has frozen Maduro’s assets within its reach; the oppositions called the referendum non-representative, but Maduro isn’t backing down; he is expected to form a constituent assembly which will be dominated by his supporters, friends of Maduro have suggested he will open talks with the oppositions, but the oppositions have made its position known; they are not interested in any form of dialogue; they insisted the protest must continue.

The economy is living off its reserves, which is below $10 billion, accumulated debt is over $5 billion, jaw-dropping hyper-inflation has crippled the economy, and the banks aren’t giving much credit. The health care system has collapsed; the educational system has been propaganda since the crisis began, with all this chaos unfolding, I ask myself these questions. ‘What are his plans now that Venezuela is in isolation?’, How will he finance his government with low reserves and frozen assets?’.

Isaias Medina, former minister counselor, Venezuela to the UN has called on international community to prevent the birth of a ‘new Syria’, he further stated that civil war comes next after the Sunday referendum, he seems to have a better understanding of the situation calling on the UN to enforce Chapter 7, I prefer to call Maduro, Gowon’s protege, they might have a lot in common soon.

At least, something good came out of it; crude oil in the international market hit $50 per barrel, the highest in two months, the saying ‘Chaos creates profitable moments isn’t wrong.
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