Japan absolutely needs migrants, but not just migrants but skilled migrants. The third latest economy in the world contracted by 0.6% for the first time in two years, statistics released shows that despite the increase in corporate earnings, wages have remained constant, with an active population of about 70 million, so what could be the reason for the shortfall ?.

If wages are to rise using the workforce as a sole variable, the implication is, the workforce has to exert some pressure on the labor market, which isn’t happening because the necessary workers needed to create productivity is declining.

Secondly, in one of my op-ed I outlined the consequence of Japan aging population, which constitute a significant percentage of the population, therefore raising the dependency ratio, if wages aren’t going up, there’s a good reason for consumption to remain stagnant, and it seems it’s not only the aging population in Nigeria who don’t like the spend, the Japanese aging bracket don’t also like to spend, and the reason isn’t far-fetched.

If Shinzo Abe is to bring back the raging economy of the Pacific, he has to provide incentives for giving birth and curb the extreme liberal idealism of women empowerment.


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