Why an Economist Objectivity is Paramount in Decision Making

I’ve been sending messages to Paul Krugman publisher, the infamous Economist who predicted that the stock market will crash if Donald Trump gets elected, but the stock market is up more than 30% since elections, 401k is soaring, sometimes it’s not the optical minds that’s resourceful, it’s the shadowed mind.

I don’t know why he made such comments, I don’t know why any rational thinker would, there was a candidate who¬†was pro-business, anti-establishment and the other was a breed of the swamp, she is basically a swamp creature, pro-establishment, and her message was anti-business in nature.

Paul Krugman doesn’t need to run economic algorithms to understand how the stock market will react because the markets are a bunch of computers transcending and interpreting logic, sentiments, happenings in the best artificial way possible. Too bad, I used to think highly of him, but my messages have gone unanswered.


Why isn’t there anyone thinking that the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is a problem for the West especially the US? I think it’s a problem and I have a strong argument to back it up in my next piece.


I’m quite sure Nigeria is celebrating the economic numbers that are coming out Post-recession but it’s appalling to see that not even the president economic team and the media have assessed the impacts of tariffs between the US and China, if this tariff goes into effects, it wouldn’t look so good. My next piece tells why.


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