It’s not entirely Mark Zuckerberg faults, quite a lot of tech experts were shooting a barrage of tweets on Mark Zuckerberg for allowing users data to be harvested, but we should take a step back and ask ourselves ‘what did we miss ?’. Facebook users and content policy are over 80 pages, ‘how do you read that ?’ When with the push of a button I’m already posting my favorite recipes and having a soothing conversation with ‘the one’.

The Facebook business model is about collapsing¬†and cultivating users data as much as possible, our deterrent to understanding users policy makes us impertinent, social media is ever expanding exponentially, our minds probably don’t, for most of us, we present ourselves with a 3D cognitive blueprint showing our mind catching up with social media, but in reality, we treat social media today the same way we treat it last month – social media is expanding.

I do think we should point the four finger at the mirror, then have the other one at Mark Zuckerberg.


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