Whatever Assad of Syria might be thinking, he shouldn’t reveal his wild card, if he does, he might end up in places far worse than the garbage. While Turkey, a NATO alliance to the US, finds herself at odds with the US, Putin feels he has the upper hand to establish a legitimate military presence in Syria, but there’s a problem, the problem is to what extent do we use the word ‘legitimacy’.

The international community has clearly signaled the end of Assad rule in Syria, Russia continues to back Assad in his fight against the opposition and Isis, but it is obvious where the Putin-Assad relationship is heading to, my concern is there aren’t enough resources to mount the necessary pressure on the US to leave Syria. Secretary Tillerson has laid the US end game in Syria which doesn’t sit very well with Putin-Assad interest, while Turkey is increasingly getting concerned about the US forming an alliance with the Kurds.

The end game policy of the US is clearly lacking resources, there’s a need for the US to increase the US troops and assets in the region and find common ground with Erdogan.


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