The rise of propaganda, fake news by the media is becoming so obvious, journalistic principles set the media to be a watchdog but over the years they have been hijacked by far left and far rights movements, political hacks, foreign agents and the establishments, but we witnessing a sea-change of political, cultural and social movements that upsets the hijackers, the rise of this movements have seen a turn around in Italy, Germany, U.S, Spain, and the U.K. political atmosphere, but the establishments quickly blame unseen forces like Russia instead of taking responsibility for failed leadership, being out-of-touch with the electorates and poor economic structures like that of Italy.

For every anti-establishment outcome, the elites and the establishments blames Russia, Russia got Trump elected, Russia got the AFD into parliament, Russia gave the U.K. Brexit, Russia almost elected Le Pen in France, Russia assembled the Trump’s cabinet, if all this were true, shouldn’t Russia claim the trophy for conquering the West, the media has fed us with much fake news, propaganda that establishes their narratives, so the question for today’s angle is, how do you fact-check the ‘supposed watchdog?

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