It isn’t a coincidence that the opening speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos talks about globalization, with the entrance of Donald Trump into the world politics, the America First policies isn’t one that drives globalization, but what surprises me is the hypocrisy that this world leaders are bringing to Switzerland, it’s is obvious that India is a country that’s leading in protectionism in the world today, why is Modi talking about globalization when his trade policies have aided protectionism, if there’s one take away that I’m able to agree with is the fact that he agreed globalization is broken and the only way to solve it is to understand globalization in changing times, we can dissect his speech in so many ways and come up with multiple conclusions.

While the world waits for Donald Trump speech at Davos, I’m not waiting, his speech will focus mostly on bilateral trade and he might possibly warn of globalization that’s isn’t compatible with Post-WWII policies, the most important speech to hear should be that of Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron.

Stay Tuned.

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