Conversation with a Driver

It’s important to synchronize stand-alone scenarios and put it into context, during one of my trips down north, a trip went bad. I was stuck with a truck driver for a multinational company, and knowing it’s gonna be a long night, I initiated the conversations, the ability to put yourself into spaces that by qualification you’re not supposed to be there is an amazing skill. So we took off on issues affecting the nature of his jobs and how it can be better, what strikes me during the conversation was his earning, he earns N24,000/month, but I didn’t know that until I asked. I wasn’t surprised, it’s easy to gaslight a situation like that, but how do we put it into context:

Amplifying this should be a priority, the elevation of the conversation should take precedent, but imagine if you show up to work with your pay hanging on your neck, that’s not only symbolic, but driving consciousness and that helps to put the issue into the spotlight, but does that solves the issue? Of course not, but why don’t we just jumpstart it?


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