On Globalism, Nationalism and Other Happenings in the World

The stunning rebuke to globalism has played out in Europe. The election of Donald Trump unmasked the true identity of the globalists. For many of us in this part of the world who rely on international media to give us some sort of policy direction and status quo in Europe, it’s time to look elsewhere, and you would think the media should understand the temperature of the masses, but what we’ve seen is unfreedom of the press.

The world sat by while the elites infected the media and used them as a propaganda machine to alter reality. Experts and academia became so far left that they forgot objectivity is Paramount. Schools became ISIS teaching camps where Indoctrination takes place, judges became political activists, corporations became the governments, preaching open borders so as to source for cheap labor, flood the welfare system while they rake in billions of dollars in profits.

Nationalism is on the rise, the media won’t use the term ‘Nationalism’, they prefer to cast Nationalism as a ‘far-right’. Austria, Brazil, the UK, Poland, Italy, EU, US, Germany, Spain, these are some of the countries where populism is rising. The globalists have failed, they’ve broken the world order, created poverty through their false policy of integration.

Globalism has nothing to offer, it’s all sugar-coated policies made to promote self-righteousness while crisis ravages communities around the world, while Nationalism rocks the EU, the elites in Africa seems to be having their honeymoon, the question is “for how long ?”


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