On America’s 4th of July Celebrations

It’s now un-American to celebrate July 4th. The partisan rhetoric in Washington has created division and that has seamed through America. The backlash that Donald Trump has received for rolling out the might of the military to celebrate and honor the men and women who fought for Independence is unlike anything that we’ve seen in modern times.

The party of tolerance has now become the party of hate, resentment and violence. Americans see that Washington is broken, filthy and irrelevant to their daily lives.

It’s important to understand why hatred has risen to a new high. It’s all because of Trump, he’s a threat to their political dynasty, a threat to the establishment and he must be taken down by all means necessary.

Kaepernick didn’t have an issue with the Betsy’s flag when it was shown during Obama inauguration but had issue with Nike putting it on a shoe to commemorate Independence. His latest act shows that his issue is with the flag, he definitely has no issue with collecting dollar bills having pictures of slave owners on it.

All the media do is to gaslight every opportunity, trying to rip into cultural issues because it’s very sensitive and tends to get people of colors as well, but middle Americans know this and they are listening.


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