On Brexit and Theresa May’s Exit

The greatest scandal in her administration wasn’t noticed. The media were too busy choosing sides in the Brexit dilemma, yet she was the greatest peddler of optimism. Theresa May knew she couldn’t deliver Brexit. She brought back the same proposal to the house on three occasions which suffered the worst voting record in history.

She went to Brussels to basically negotiate the same deal. I knew the very first moment I saw a picture of her in an empty room in Brussels that her strategy was to Stonewall, create stress fatigue and hoping to change public perception to accept whatever deal she’ll put on the table.

There has never been an administration that has peddled false optimism in modern times despite the frequent resignations and scandals, the latest being the British ambassador to the US. It’s definitely normal to voice your personal opinion, but you don’t do that on materials that can be leaked to the public.

The duty of an ambassador is to build bridges and not burn them. You might disagree with Trump’s politics but his job was to work with him to achieve results for the British public.

There’s always an option if he can’t work with the administration and that option is called “resignation” but humiliating himself and the British public is utmost disappointing and unacceptable.

The shift in politics recently has revealed you don’t necessarily need experience to occupy an electable position, all you need is to summon the will, and those who have the experience have failed to achieve substance.


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