On Bringing Jobs Back to the United States
“Those jobs are not coming back unless you have a magic wand”
Those were the words of Barack Obama. Well, it seems Trump has the magic wand. For so long, the US has been building other countries infrastructures, policing the world, cleaning up the feces of dictators. It’s no surprise that the message of economic nationalism has resonated across the West.
While the EU seems to be battling with stagnation, companies in the US found a home in China at the expense of the middle class. The forgotten men and women are tired of the establishment dictating every policy without their input. Washington became of a political fest for lobbyists. While big cities ride into the sunset, local and smaller communities struggle. They felt abandoned for many years, they waited for the right people not necessarily politicians to save their communities and put their citizens first.
It’s the first in modern times we’ve seen power shifted from the few to the people, and that has spur growth from all sides – that’s debatable.
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