At some point Nigerians will have to fight for their Civil liberties, that is of course if they have any. Civil libertarians have disappeared from the national polity, there are no agents to inject civil liberties discussions in the society, what Nigerians are left with are power-grabbing elites who believe that the country has long been up for grabs since its free fall began. In the old comics, they call them Savages.
Savages are best known from their appearances, haggard-looking deranged fashion, always looking to isolate resource value, but as history unfolds, humans learn the decency that comes from using a knife, fork to carve out beef, spoon to scoop jellies, the impression that comes from the best silk, none other than Nigerians took this lesson to heart, always trying to better the originality of civilization itself, at least that’s what they think, even so, Western Civilization has been described as a trolls invitation for decency, underneath those decencies are filth and the very worst form of savagery.
Nigerians are best known for overcoming hardships of different forms, they are the gift that keeps on giving, put them under a rock for a political cycle, as long as there’s bread left on the table, all is forgiven, its difficult to understand their very nature, but one thing they share in common is hatred of epic proportions, the elites understand this dynamics with Nigerians, and all they do from time to time, is to channel that hatred to help them achieve their goal, the goal post keeps changing and when it does, the hatred moves along with it.
If all this is left unabated, dessent will follow, and for every dessent, the seed of genocide takes root.


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