Morning Coffee: China Think Tanks


It’s the people in the rust belt, predominantly Europe and North America even Africa, that have paid the price for normalizing trade with China, and during this period, there were some conditions that were set by the players which were Labor standards, Clean Environment, Human Rights and many more.

But what happened was, immediately China enters the IC, they began creating Think Tanks, setting up ground infrastructures in Europe and North America. Simultaneously, European and American Politicians got richer during this period.

So, we are over 20 years in this and the conditions are still not met, Ten years later, China set its eyes on Africa, shaping policies from across the Shores, they understand Think Tanks were not needed inside Africa, instead they depended on the ones from Europe and the US, there were so many publications geared towards Africa opening up to China during this period.

So right now, we are in a moment that the full force of the CCP disinformation machine has been deployed and there are no measures effective enough to counter that, the reason for this, China took advantage of one of the weaknesses of the 21st-century democracy, which is lifelong politicians, they haven’t earn a dollar in the private sector, spent all their lives in politics, this set of people presents a real danger to Democracy.

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