Tsunamis of thoughts on Nigerian Protests

Some folks have developed this weird fundamental inability to apologize and that speaks to the protests as well. They are reflections of our mindsets, it’s an opportunity the leaders should take as a window into our reasoning, and work with that.

I was once an analyst, I guess I still am. Society gives you impending signs of what’s coming. The rulers of Nigeria, not leaders, have neglected these warnings, what we’ve seen so far is the first wave. These protests have all the markings of societal degeneration.

With every society, there’s an inbuilt pressure absorber. The impression that the protests have quelled gives a false impression. What has happened is people (society) want to see if they are capable of absorbing more, its usually the more you absorb, the more the fury.

Society collapse with a second or third wave. First waves are usually meant to gauge the strength of the state. If Nigeria perishes, She perishes as a result of the same people that architect its fabrics architecting its undoing. It’s no rocket science, they’ve led the worst of policies that have widened the inequity gap, with that comes sheer mental health issues that they have also neglected for decades…..

To be continued… Anticipate my Podcast!.

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