Swamp Watch 63: Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee: China Think Tanks   It’s the people in the rust belt, predominantly Europe and North America even Africa, that have paid the price for normalizing trade with China, and during this period, there were some conditions that were set by the players...

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Swamp Watch 62: On Racism and Leadership

On Racism and Leadership We all need to stop talking about Racism, and here's why. Racism is unlike every other social and cultural issues. Leaders, politicians, woke activists have injected so much toxicity into the word, that when you talk about it, what you doing...

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Swamp Watch 61: Prophesies

PROPHESIES At some point Nigerians will have to fight for their Civil liberties, that is of course if they have any. Civil libertarians have disappeared from the national polity, there are no agents to inject civil liberties discussions in the society, what Nigerians...

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